The software solution for your Restaurant

Every restaurant needs online awareness. If you are running a restaurant in the 21st century, you need software.

The amount of software you need and the functions required differ from restaurant to restaurant.
It’s important you know what your restaurant needs before you spend money on something that becomes outdated.
We develop software with the latest possibilities. Our clients can benefit from our developments with our automatic updates in the unique CMS. You use and pay only for the software you need, and upgrade whenever it is needed.

The use of the integrated Hospitality CMS modules, Seats United real-time Reservation System & Widget are free of any charge, so no monthly fees or added costs per place setting, for all your reservations.

Different back office solutions and double (customer)data are a thing of the past with the arrival of our CMS operating system.
With the Hospitality CMS you can centrally manage all your online and offline activities.
Exchanging data with your current (internal and external) systems through our highly secured services. Manage your cloud based website, database, mail marketing, POS, PMS, cash register, administration, reservations and more, 24/7 via your central CMS operating system.

The convenience and comfort gives your restaurant a new online experience!

The Power of Seats United Reservation system

  • Hospitality CMS and multi language real-time booking system without any charge
  • Manage centrally your Reservations, Online Profile and Website
  • Connect your back-office systems and cash register
  • Marketing and sales for more revenue
  • Widget without redirects
  • Custom made (Widget & E-mail)
  • No-show protection National and International
  • Social media integrated
  • Always the latest software including automatic updates
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Amazon 'Advanced Technology Partner'


Prices Web development

For hosting your new cloud based website and the additional CMS website modules, you can select a license of your choice at our partner AWS Amazon.

Website license fee starting at 22.99 per month for a duration of 24 months.

We will completely take your website design & adaptability, marketing & SEO settings, security through global partner AWS Amazon.
Website design starting at 750,- all-inn.
The use of the integrated Hospitality CMS modules, Seats United real-time Reservation System & Widget are free of any charge.

  • Website base from € 750,-
  • Website multi from 950,-
  • Website triple from1250,-
  • Website custom To Be Agreed Upon

We also offer additional services.

  • New corporate identity
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Drone video

All you have to do is provide us with your visual material and desired text.
Contact us and get started today.